Because you are unique, so is our service.


This is our mission

The world according to FLIRT is one where the words attentive service, courteous welcome and attention to detail make sense. These are not empty slogans. At FLIRT, we want you to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.


Our specialty: adjustment

Since 2004, we have developed an expertise on the quality of adjustment that you will benefit from each visit. Our counselors are fit specialists who will help you find the perfect products for you, no matter what your figure.


FLIRT's spirit is open to every forms of beauty 


Whatever your figure, we offer underwear and swimsuits in a wide range of sizes, from XS to 5XL, AA to N and 28 to 48.


Change perceptions


From the very beginning, we owe FLIRT vision to Veronik. In 2004, she convinced her mother to join her in creating a unique lingerie by its style and offer. FLIRT is the result of thought and research that has led homeowners in several cities in Europe and the United States in search of the most renowned brands and exclusive products. From the shock of generations and ideas, a flower is born, Lingerie FLIRT. With us, you will cross the oceans and discover often exclusive collections, brought from all over the world.

Allowing women to feel beautiful and well, every day and under any circumstances, is what inspires Josée and Véronik and their team of professional consultants to always offer the best service possible. You will receive an always personalized adjustment service according to your needs while benefiting from the wide selection of products, sizes and brands. This is why you can also find in store a large selection of specialized underwear such as sports underwear, maternity and breastfeeding, no underwire, and sculpting underwear.

More than 70% of women do not wear the correct bra size. In-store adjustment plays a very important role, but having a large selection of sizes is just as important. FLIRT has become the reference in terms of adjustment, but also in terms of choice of sizes, both in underwear and swimsuits.

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