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How often should you wash your bras?

On this point, there are no specific rules, just use your common sense, simply! A washing bra is sent to remove impurities and accumulated sweat in the fibers as well as to give it a fresh smell. It usually comes after two to three days, depending on how you use it.


Which products should I use?

Any soap is not suitable for lingerie because there is a laundry for each category of items to wash: soap for clothing, body soap, dish soap and laundry soap. They have, of course, been created for a good reason! Commercial soap for washing - and even more so for delicate clothes - turns out to be very greasy soaps, designed to moisturize fibers and help them retain their suppleness. However, in lingerie, it is the opposite effect that one seeks. The fibers and materials being already very flexible, one seeks to preserve their rigidity and their resistance as long as possible. So, we recommend the use of a mild soap that will not be harmful to the fibers, prevent the stretching of fabrics, while allowing your bra to ensure its role of maintenance, for a long time.


Thoroughly clean your bra.

The softness of a hand wash is necessary to preserve the delicate fibers and embroidery of quality lingerie. And that's without counting the twists imposed on hoops. However, it is possible to clean it with the delicate cycle front machine, and it will be even better if you put it in a washing bag. Now that you have the proper soap, it's time to wash! Put your lingerie in a wash bag first if you want to use your delicate cycle front washer. If not, run lukewarm water in a sink so that you can fully immerse the models under water. Add the amount of soap recommended and dissolve it. Then soak for about 5 to 10 minutes. (It is not necessary to soak your lingerie very long)



If dirt has remained encrusted after this time, there is an effective and delicate solution; with your powdered detergent (if it is), make a paste with a little water. With this paste, you can rub the strategic places: the armpit, hoops and straps, especially in the case of light-colored models that tend to turn gray. By rubbing them well, this paste will have the same effect, but much sweeter, than a bleaching product.


How to dry it?

Take the time to thoroughly rinse your lingerie of any detergent with fresh water, then let them dribble on a towel or sponge the water gently. (Do not bend, it would break the fibers of your lingerie) Your bras are waiting for you for the final step, that of drying. Three options are available to you:


  • Flat drying: just forget about the counter where they are already!
  • Drying on hanger: place the bra on a hanger, as in a shop.
  • Drying on a chair: place the bra on the back of a chair, placing the yoke on the center, ie the small strip of fabric between the two cups, flat on the backrest. The bra should therefore be symmetrical on both sides of the backrest.


You will understand that depending on whether you adopt any of these techniques, it is especially important to equalize the weight of the bra. The old door handle technique ensures that the water remaining in the bra builds up in the bottom cup, resulting in long-term deformation and premature stretching. These are small details, but they will make a big difference in the end Let your models dry 24 hours in the winter to 48 hours in the summer or in wet weather. This will prevent you, once again, to stretch the fibers of your bra and maintain its quality of maintenance. Ideally place them in a place where the air circulates well and where it is not too wet. That is, not in the bathroom!

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